Options Chart in Stainless Showers


Options Chart in Carbon Steel Showers





Technical Specifications of Some Sample Showers Seen in the Picture Above

Without platform. With 1200 Lt PP Storage, Carbon Steel Frame PVC Green color decota coating System Including Eye and Body Shower. Carbon Steel Frame, 1200 Lt PP tank, Shock Bar, Platform, Green Pvc Coated System Including Eye and Body Shower
It is a System with Platform, Body Shower, 1200 Lt PP Tank, Carbon Steel Green Pvc Coating. Stainless steel frame, Platform with Shock Bar, Eye Shower Foot pedal, 1500 Lt CRP tank, White CRP coating and Chiller Unit System.
Stainless Steel Frame, 1000 Lt PP tank with internal and external lighting with Platform, Green Decota coating, Eye and Body Shower System. Carbon Steel Frame, Platform Door Cabin 1500 Lt CRP tank, Level indicator, Alarm
Green Pvc Coated Chiller Unit System
1500 Lt CRP Warehouse with Carbon Steel Frame Platform Green PVC coated Polar Cabin, Hinged door, Eye and Body System with Level indicator Stainless Steel carcass, 1500 Lt CRP Warehouse,
White CRP coating; Shock bar, Pedal Eye Unit with Light, Voice Alarm System Unit

Standard and Optional Features for Showers

1000 - 1200 - 1500 - 2000 Lt Standard Production
Temperature control with digital thermostat
Stainless, CRP or PP tank
Strong flow with atmospheric Pressure or pump
Door lighting that can be illuminated for 2 hours with no interruption
Strong place Connection system
System with or without platform
Carcass that can be fixed or disassembled and can be rebuilt repeatedly
PVC, CRP, Composite or Decota Cabinet Coating.
Mechanical tank level indicator
1.1 / 2 "or 2" Water inlet and float system
220 v or 380 v Voltage Input options
Ability to monitor the Lighting and Electrical system
Strong Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
Hinged Door systems for the cabin
Polar Cabinet Application with High Insulation Materials
Cabin Heating with Panel Heaters

Frost Protection
High temperature protection
Automatic Evacuation
Audible and light alarm
High Pressure Flow System
Darkness Light detector
Fixed Indoor Lighting
Interior lighting with motion sensor
Signal for remote connection
Locked Security system
Digital level indicator
Electronic and fully automatic filling system
Liquid Level alarm
Control and maintenance-free automation with PLC control system
Warehouse Heating with Redundant Stainless Resistance
Water Cooling System with Chiller Units
Cabinet Cooling with Chiller Units