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  Drain   : 1.1/4 "
Inlet   : 1.1/4 "

Dimensions: Bowl Diameter: 280 mm
Height: 1,220mm x 850mm x 1300mm
Weight: 13.1 kg
Box size: 37,5 x 32 x 44 cm
Weight in box: 14.5 kg
Standard: EN 15154-2.03.2007
EN 15154-1.03.2007
There are AISI 304 and AISI 316 types.

It can be painted in Stainless Steel or Electrostatic Powder. This system, which has a platform and a guardrail, is easy to use and has a simple structure. The person affected
It has been conceived to enable easy use with an uncomplicated structure.
Two users can benefit at the same time. It can be used individually as it is mounted together, by being mounted in areas determined according to need. The person on the platform ensures that the eye or body shower is active. It has an extremely strong structure. It has a non-malfunctioning structure with its stainless steel main body, simplified platform and spring system. It is connected to the ground from 4 points.